We all know how important it is to know ourselves well, but how many of us actually do?

One of the topics introduced at our last leadership development program in June was self-awareness. Research shows that it is among the top 5 executive coaching topics (and often the first of interest).

Most of us know that self-awareness is one of the main components of emotional intelligence along with self-regulation, empathy, motivation* and social awareness. However very few of us are actually self-aware because it is a skill that could be developed with a pretty high amount of effort, discipline and patience.

Self-awareness though involves careful self-analysis in various situations allowing us to understand our emotions as they come, our tendencies and behaviors as well as accurate self-assessment and humble self-confidence.

For developing it, one has to have a mechanism in place of regular objective feedback (360 degrees tools and One to One Feedback) in parallel with regular introspection and meditation.

In regards to meditation, Body scan and Journaling are two highly efficient ways to tackle it.

We’ll let you dig into some research we’ve selected for you below and hope this light, summer article will have a positive impact in your life. Enjoy!



On self-awareness:


On Journaling:


On body scan:


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Radu Manolescu

Co-founder & Managing Partner

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