Time is among the very few things that can’t be bought – how do you spend it?

A while ago, during an introspective discussion with my coach, I realized once more that time is among the very few things that cannot be bought. And more precisely quality time…

During that discussion, some of the questions were addressed to me and some I addressed to myself: 

  1. How satisfied are you with the time you spend with your family/ kids/ dear ones/ friends?
  2. How qualitative is this time? How much of it are you really there?
  3. How much of your time is filled with activities you don’t actually enjoy in the detriment of the above?
  4. How much time do you allocate to your health (sports, healthy food, introspection, mind training, etc)?
  5. How much of your time is allocated to pursuing your passions?
  6. How much a day do you read or learn/ develop yourself?
  7. How often do you do good things for others?
  8. How much do you actually focus on growing/developing others?
  9. How often do you smile or laugh from your entire heart?
  10. How often a day are you grateful for what you already have?
  11. How often do you actually listen to the people talking to you?
  12. … how much of your time is actually a life you would live again?


Stopping a bit and looking at your present from an end of a life perspective, what would you change?

Despite the fact almost all of us know or feel when something is wrong in/with our lives, we actually do something mainly when a drama happens. And I wanted to help you prevent reaching that point with this article.

When I first reflected on that I felt visceral frustration. And yet, frustration could be good because it can help you change/actually do something about it. In most situations we know when there is an issue, we want to do something to address this but either we do not know where to start from, we lack energy for it, we lack the courage to take a risky decision (at least for that moment), our ego works against it or we say to ourselves " I will do this but only after..." which is ... a moving target.


Mingyur Rinpoche wisely said "The moment you can see a raging river, it means you are already rising above it."

From what I have seen so far, from the people I have met so far, from everything I have learned so far, the starting point for addressing the above was meditation. Whatever form you resonate with.

Some books were a huge source of inspiration as well: Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine, Life Unlocked by Srinivasan S. Pillay, Search Inside Yourself by Chade Meng Tan, Return on Character by Fred Kiel, etc.


And as I am very grateful to these experiences, I do my best to inspire others during the Leadership Development Program addressed to the executive teams of our clients. The “Mind Training” is one of the 8 modules of the program along Value Creation Driven Leadership, Customized Retention & Development, Teamwork, etc. The feedback received so far from the participants encouraged me to address this message to a larger audience.

Interested in assessing how you spend your time? We've put together a short test which can give you a starting point on your journey to improve the way you spend it.




Besides, please take 2 minutes to complete a self assessment of PQ (Positive Intelligence) Score - http://bit.ly/2NqbpWX .

Provided some of the questions above relate to you, I would be happy to learn more about the solutions you found for yourselves in a comment or privately on radu.manolescu@kmtrust.com


Radu Manolescu

Co-founder & Managing Partner

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