The best school principals in Romania honored at the Edu Leadership Gala

You might not notice through all the negative news cluttering our lives but there are schools throughout Romania where profound changes are taking place in the way the next generations are educated. And behind these changes you will find school principals who have taken it upon themselves to improve and transform the schools they are running so that education happens in a different way. 

On the 27th of November, at the Edu Leadership Gala, we will be honoring their efforts and getting the opportunity to listen to their stories. During the gala 5 school principals will receive awards for their transformational impact on the quality of education and the results of the students in the institutions they are responsible for.

These awards are:

  • The innovative principal of the year
  • The best principal championing social equality
  • The most entrepreneurial principal of the year
  • The Emerging Leader of the year
  • The school principal of the year

Edu Leadership Gala

Edu Leadership Gala is an event organized by AVE Romania, an NGO created by key business representatives in Romania with a desire to contribute to increasing the quality of the Romanian education system. This is done by offering teachers and school principals a tailored learning and development program delivered by international experts, business mentors, consultants and specialists in the field of education.

Radu Manolescu from K.M.Trust & Partners is proud to be one of the founding members of this NGO. With regard to the leadership gala, Radu Manolescu said:

“AVE is a dream come true for many in search for meaning. The Gala is an event where investors, members and anyone else who is interested can see some of the results of the work of a great team and community. We try to avoid fancy and expensive stuff at the gala as most costs are covered by in kind participation and the purpose of the funds is to finance AVE’s projects. Stay tuned for at least 2 more amazing projects. One related to introducing social emotional learning (SEL) in schools. Both are meant to bring a lot of joy to kids, families and schools’ in Romania but not limited to it.”

If you are interested in finding out more about this event or getting involved in our educational efforts you can check out this link.

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