Singularity University local chapter opens in Bucharest

One of the leading global learning and innovation communities in the world, Singularity University is now present in Romania with the launch of the SingularityU Chapter in Bucharest.

Singularity University was developed to empower individuals and organizations to apply exponentially growing technologies. From artificial intelligence & robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology & digital fabrication to networks & computing systems or medicine & neuroscience. This is done through educational programs, courses, and summits as well as enterprise strategy, leadership, and innovation programs.

The Singularity University community includes entrepreneurs, corporations, global nonprofits, governments, investors and academic institutions in more than 127 countries. In order to further encourage innovation throughout the world, Singularity University aims to build local chapters who can act as a hub for educating, empowering and inspiring people.

It is with this purpose in mind that a group of local thought leaders and entrepreneurs from Bucharest have come together and started the Bucharest chapter of Singularity University. The Leadership Team of the Romanian Chapter includes Ciprian Negura, Diana Stafie, Victor Iancu, Maria Margarit and Radu Manolescu (as Advisor for the Leadership Team).

Romania is now at a point in time where it can implement transformational changes that can fundamentally change our future towards the better and SingularityU Bucharest Chapter aims to accelerate and encourage these processes by making better use of exponential technologies and scientific progress.

By creating a strong local community of inspirational leaders and entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers, dreamers and doers, SingularityU Bucharest Chapter aims to be a catalyst for technological adoption and change.

Radu Manolescu, Co-Founder & Managing Partner K.M.Trust & Partners and Advisor for the Leadership Team of the Chapter said:

“Since I first read the book Exponential Organizations in 2015 by Salim Ismail (Founding Executive Director of Singularity University) and 3 years later participated in Singularity University’s Innovation Programme in Silicon Valley, I considered it a major source of learning and inspiration on how to adapt to the VUCA environment we live in today. Now we have a Chapter in Bucharest too, thanks to the wonderful team that made it happen and I consider it a door for the ones interested in getting access to a highly innovative community on a journey to address the biggest challenges of the world.”

For those interested in taking part in SingularityU Bucharest Chapter events, you can find out more at this link.

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