Managing Anxiety & Stress in Leadership Roles – Highlights

Managing Stress & Anxiety in Leadership roles, an executive development program we have co-delivered together with Srini Pillay, Harvard Medical School and Adam Leonard, Google Inc, has successfully ended.

For 3 days, 45 executives from 17 industries, 6 countries and of 11 nationalities discovered leadership through different lenses: neuroscience-based strategies for self-regulation and managing the brain’s reaction to change, uncertainty and fear.

Our keynote speaker, Srini Pillay shared "Why Finding Your "I" Is So Much More Important Than Finding Your "Why".


In an interview, Radu Manolescu explained why K.M.Trust is organizing such programs:

“The concept behind them related to our mission namely helping companies live their values while having a memorable positive impact in the lives of the people we work with.”

In this business line, we want to be the bridge between the best specialists in the world, whose activities are related to our mission in the markets we are active in.

Through these types of solutions we aim to complement the short programs of business schools and corporate executive development programs. To provide valuable networking opportunities to likeminded executives. To create learning environments like nowhere else, where we learn from each other and create stakeholder value driven communities. To support the participating executives in implementing the key insights from such programs. To encourage and further support investments in education.

5% of the funds gathered with this occasion will be directed to AVE Romania towards starting a new project: introducing Kindness & Compassion Training in Schools in Romania.


“The program was a magical experience. An overwhelming one. The energy I felt, the involvement and interest of the participants are difficult to put in words… “

Radu Manolescu, Managing Partner K.M.Trust & Partners

Srini Pillay, Harvard Medical School, Keynote Speaker


Adam Leonard, Google


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