Disrupt, or be disrupted

Established, powerful companies are disappearing at an alarming rate - some estimates put this rate at 30% in 5 year's time (according to Simon Kaluza - SAP MD for CEE). This disruption mainly comes from technological advancements that make your company or your product obsolete - just think of Kodak, Nokia or Motorola.

This insightful and practical article from Peter Diamandis - one of The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders (Forbes), zeros in on 8 don'ts and 6 dos when it comes to disruption. And the best part is - the dos and don'ts are based on an interview with Ed McNierney who led the digital strategy team at Kodak and then at Lotus, so he is the man to ask about disruption.

Read it and most importantly - think about how this tech wave is impacting your business.

And if you'd like to get a grip on these things and harness your leadership team insights on this shift - you might be interested in this program.

Eight Don’ts – How Not To Be Disrupted

  • Don’t close out your options too early
  • Don’t be tied to your history
  • Don’t be overly attached to your existing business
  • Don’t ignore the signals
  • Don’t be tentative
  • Don’t say, “We can’t do X because it is not the way we do things”
  • Don’t worry about the big guys
  • Don’t fret!

Six Do’s of Disruption: How to Disrupt Yourself

  • Disrupt your adjacencies
  • Build the best products, or get a piece of them
  • Be agile
  • Watch your customers, then listen to them
  • Build a Skunkworks
  • Have an abundance mindset

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