Value Creation Driven Leadership Program

“In the next 10 years 40% of all S&P 500 companies will disappear from this list”

Salim Ismail, Exponential Organizations.

We run our businesses in very volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments. How should we, leaders, managers, members of the executive boards run our companies in the face of such technological upheavals?

In this program, we synthesize first-hand experience and knowledge from our executive search assignments with thousands of senior managers, from our own business and entrepreneurial experience doubled by the best in academic thinking, to enable you and your leadership team to successfully navigate through this new environment.

The program is modular, designed with various add-on sections to be tailored to your company needs.

Program Overview

The program is structured in several core areas:

  1. Understanding the impact of the new technologies on our businesses
  2. The new model of Leadership: from IQ focus to values, higher purpose and EQ
  3. Creating the right teams for VUCA: recruiting, developing and coaching the right people
  4. Driving Change, Stakeholder Management, etc.

You’ll discover a set of indispensable tools from influencing and engaging employees, to advanced recruitment and efficient conflict management. These tools will form the backbone of your action plan further down the road.

Benefits & Results

There are many benefits of this unique program, yet participants agree that they benefit most from:

  • A better understanding of the impact of the exponential technologies on our businesses and on the leadership models.
  • A better understanding of ourselves, of what it takes to have increased self and social awareness; better mind control and emotional resilience
  • A better understanding on what it takes to attract the best people in your teams, to retain and develop them in a highly efficient and customized manner;
  • Improved team cohesion and team engagement;
  • Improved image of both the individuals and the leadership team, above country level (where the case);
  • Connecting business objectives with a higher purpose thus leaving a positive mark in the society.

All these benefits can be transformed into KPIs or OKRs such that performance and impact of workshop is tracked at regular intervals.


Our curriculum includes the several topics - mostly developed with either hands-on executive board experience or with leading faculties and thought leaders: INSEAD, Harvard Business School, IESE, etc. Topics can be customized depending on your program objectives and current company challenges. Among these:

  • Exponential Organizations & Internet of Useful Things
  • The leadership model for today: from IQ focus to values, higher purpose, MQ and EQ
  • Self-Awareness, self-management & mind training
  • The right, customized way of values-based hiring and developing key people
  • Conflict management
  • Blue Ocean strategies applied to employee engagement
  • Diversity
  • Driving Change: Influencing & Stakeholder Management
  • Transition Management, etc.

The program is extremely useful, yet it can be supplemented with several follow-up sessions to ensure that:

  • Key learnings are reinforced every day
  • The learning process is deployed below leadership team level as well
  • The evolution is measured
  • The program is reinforced by your broader systems (hiring, compensation & benefits, succession and promotion) in order to drive desired behavior

Program formats


Executive leadership teams

Open format for individual executives

Our most popular and core offering aimed at senior leadership teams within a company.

Offers the benefit of adapting the curriculum to specific company context and industry.

Open format aimed at executives and senior leaders from multiple companies.

It is available only with pre-booking, several times a year.

To inquire about the next available date, please contact us.

The program format is international, as are the changes that threaten or enhance our business today: we’ve been required to run it for global executive teams from EMEA to APAC.

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