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“In the next 10 years 40% of all S&P 500 companies will disappear from this list”

Salim Ismail, Exponential Organizations.


As among our executive search and management assessment a clients have been some of the best companies in the world and family/entrepreneurial businesses and most of the employers of choice in Romania we have had the opportunity to learn from each.

We have been lucky to be exposed to their leadership standards and challenges and have been also sometimes part of building the standards together with their management teams. These clients have been trusting us to support their key executives’ development not only for the punctual situations that needed to be addressed but for preparing their entire teams embrace the future and become some of the most admired ones.

Their trust helped us become a top 3 executive search and leadership development player in our market for most of our existence. We became shareholders in a top 10 global executive search organization (IIC Partners) since year two from startup.  Most clients consider us the best in quality and with a service beyond expectations.

For this, we are deeply honored, especially that our mission is to significantly impact the business world to consider moral values as the primary and critical focus in hiring, promoting & firing.  We are committed to recruit and develop value creation driven leaders.

We have continuously tried to adapt and have never taken success for granted.  Always challenging the status quo and anticipating the evolution of the needs of the business environment, of the executives, we realized that both executives and companies need more than ever external support for performing into and adapting to these exponentially changing environments.

We strongly believe that moral values, determination, adaptability, curiosity, willingness to experiment, EQ and compassion are mandatory features for today’s leaders along of course professional competence and we have been focusing on increasing our capabilities to assess and support leaders’ development.

All of our services have been developed having in mind support in adaptation and in creating the contexts and climates to sustain/grow a moral, value creation driven, exponential leadership mindset.

In this program, we combine first-hand experience and knowledge from our executive search assignments with thousands of senior managers, from our own business and entrepreneurial experience doubled by the best in academic thinking, to enable you and your leadership teams to successfully navigate through this new environment.

Value Creation Driven Leadership Program is a 1 or 2 day program meant to increase awareness and create long-lasting behavioral changes. It is about:

  • the breadth and depth of technological change and the impact of the new exponential technologies on current businesses,
  • the importance of calm, clarity, a healthy life as the basis for a solid leadership
  • the importance of the moral values in hiring, firing, promotion and their role within company culture and climate, on retaining key talent,
  • the importance of providing customized retention to your key people and of getting the right people on board to help leaders achieve the established goals, with a strong positive impact in the society,
  • the importance of quick adaptation and continuous learning in today’s environment, etc.

This change  is not just about “going digital” but may actually require a whole new business and leadership model, a growth mindset, governing principles, retention and hiring practices and ultimately touches on every business aspect.

“Right people have more to do with character traits than with specific knowledge and background”.

Jim Collins, “Good to Great”

The participants and the company as a whole will benefit from:

Current Business Environment (VUCA) Awareness

Moral Values Driven Leadership

Calm and clarity in leading:  Self-Awareness & Increased Resilience

Develop a better understanding of the impact of the exponential technologies on your business and on the leadership model required. Adapt or disappear.

Increased awareness on the latest benchmarks in Leadership, on importance of moral values (MQ) in driving change and leading people.

Connecting objectives with a higher purpose, thus leaving a positive mark in society.

Better understanding of ourselves, increased self-awareness and social-awareness. Better mind control and emotional resilience absolutely necessary in today’s environment.

Attracting, Hiring, Retaining & Developing the Right People

Driving Change

Strengthened Team

Better understanding on what it takes to attract the best people in your teams, to retain and develop them in a highly efficient and customized manner.

Develop a better understanding of the change phases, on efficient stakeholder management.

Learn how to spot potential team dysfunction and how to apply Blue Ocean strategies to people engagement. Improved team cohesion.

Balanced Stakeholder Management, Doing Business in a Diverse and Multicultural Environment, Managing Conflicts, etc are modules for the 2 days program.

After the program, we will facilitate both an action plan and follow up sessions in order to make sure:

  • Learning process is deployed below leadership team level
  • Key learnings are reinforced every day and long lasting behavioral changes are happening
  • Personal evolution and improvement are measured
  • The program is reinforced by your broader systems (hiring, Comp & Ben, succession/promotion, etc.) in order to drive desired behaviors.

All these benefits can be transformed into KPIs or OKRs such that performance and impact of program is tracked at regular intervals.

Our curriculum includes topics developed with either hands-on senior management experience or with leading faculties and thought leaders from INSEAD, Harvard Business School, IESE, etc.

The program starts with an introduction into the sweeping changes that require us to rethink our businesses and then it challenges the current leadership model vs the one required in this VUCA environment. Finally it goes into specific tools and actions that help your leadership team develop in the right direction.

Exponential organizations & Internet of Useful Things

  • From Vision and Mission to a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)
  • Exponential technologies: 3D printing, VR, Sensors, Biotech and their impact on our businesses and lives
  • Unicorns’ success recipes

Leadership in VUCA - Values Driven Leadership

  • Moral, Value Creation Driven Leadership
  • Tipping Point Leadership
  • Managing Perceptions & Influencing
  • Self-Awareness, Flow, Mind Training

The tools

  • Engagement Drivers / Science of Motivation
  • Blue Ocean Strategy applied on Engagement
  • Managing, Leading, Delegating

Recruiting, retaining and developing the right people

  • Retention:  Value for Employee /Customized engagement
  • Developing & Coaching
  • Advanced Recruitment: Understanding micro expressions, body language and speech structure as control keys meant to lower risk of wrong assessments


  • Team dysfunctions
  • Conflict Management


Program includes in its standard version an Action Plan and 3 monthly follow up sessions.

Leadership teams

Open format for executives

Our most popular and core offering aimed at executive and senior leadership teams within a company.

Offers the benefit of adapting the curriculum to specific company context and industry.

Open format aimed at executives and senior leaders from multiple companies.

It is available only with pre-booking, several times a year.

To inquire about the next available date, please email romania@kmtrust.com

To this standard program, there are several other modules* and services** to be tailored to your needs.

*Diversity, Cross Cultural Leadership

*Driving Change

*Stakeholder Management

*Transition Management

*Personal Board of Advisors/Mind Trust


Their purpose is to take the team from the awareness and interest generated in the up to 2-day program, to actual follow-up and measurement on the action plans drafted by participants. Among these:

**3-6 follow up sessions - each 1 month apart - involving board meeting shadowing plus team/one-on-one feedback and feedforward sessions;

** 1 full board assessment - to evaluate the degree to which the board is able to steer the company in the right direction;

** One-on-one coaching

The program is held by Radu Manolescu.

Radu is the Managing Partner of K.M.Trust & Partners and also a co-founder and non-executive partner in middle management recruitment firm Key2Success. He is a certified coach with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.

You can see Radu’s complete profile here or on http://www.kmtrust.com/consultants/radu-manolescu

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