Executive Coaching

The coaching practice started in K.M.Trust in 2007, as a result of requested support from our clients for transition management of the placed candidates. One of the reasons these services have been requested is due to the different angle the coaching program is performed - by an executive search consultant with exposure to some of the most complex and admired businesses, with a good understanding of the market, of its trends and of the leadership and behavioral changes needed to perform in today’s economies.

Among our coaching clients there are some Fortune/FTSE/S&P 500 companies present in Romania as well as other successful international corporate and family businesses and entrepreneurs.

An important number of C Level Executives have been developed and consulted when facing challenges related to:

  • succession planning, succession acceleration
  • transition management, culture change adaptation
  • key stakeholders’ management during M&A processes, setting priorities in stakeholders' management, balanced stakeholder management approach
  • managing shareholders value
  • unbalanced leadership situations, emotional intelligence development, etc. 

An important aspect is that the evolution of the leader during the coaching program is measured and thus the return on investment is always clear, tangible for our clients.

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For executives looking for a career change/transition, kindly register to Not Actively Looking, our partner platform who hosts our database starting May 2018 - https://notactivelylooking.com/connect/KMTRUST

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Other services

  • Executive Search

    We are a Retained Executive Search & Leadership Consulting firm specialized in searches for C Level Recruitment/Management Board. For the other managerial and specialists roles we have  Key2Success.

  • Leadership Development

    We run our businesses in very volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments. How should we, leaders, managers, members of the executive boards run our companies in the face of such technological upheavals?

  • Executive Coaching

    More than 8 years of successful executive coaching experience with measurable results.

  • Executive Assessment

    A critical aspect in achieving results and addressing any strategy is the quality, suitability and readiness of the human resource to achieve those plans with. Without a proper understanding of the senior management team’s character, capabilities and potential it is difficult to assess whether the objectives are realistic or will ever be achieved.

  • Recruitment & Selection via K2S, our mid-management recruitment entity

    Our firm for mid management recruitment and assessment.

  • Open Executive programs in co-delivery with top business schools’ faculty

    The Leadership Development Program for leadership teams celebrated 10 years early this year. The amazingly honoring feedback received from the participants over the last years has encouraged us to enter a new area, the Open Executive Programs, performed in co-delivery with renowned business executives or top business schools/ faculty we have met along the way and that have proven to pursue a similar mission as ours: ”Helping companies live their values while having a memorable positive impact in the lives of the people we work with”.

  • Human Resources Services

    The Human Resources Services Business Unit (HRS BU) is a new division added to the existent business of the K.M.Trust Group*, with the aim to provide premium quality HR solutions to companies looking for such support.