February 2018 - Customized Individual Development. A Key to Becoming an Employer of Choice – Part I

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March 2018 - Customized Individual Development. A key to becoming an employer of choice – part II

Last month we started a discussion on Customized Individual Development, an aspect we consider paramount for the retention and development of key people as well as for..

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January 2018 - Customize or disappear

A new challenging year is upon us. Along with it comes the opportunity to improve the way we do business, learn how to adapt more quickly and make better use of the tools we have at our disposal..

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November 2017 - 5 questions to address the future of recruitment

This month we will talk about education as well. One of the most important aspects, shaping not only our success as individuals but also the future of our society.  As technology impacts ev..

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October 2017 - Is your current leadership benchmark right?

In this newsletter we look at why it is important to make a priority out of putting moral values in leadership and having a leadership benchmark profile that takes this into account when you&rsq..

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