How do I find out what searches you are conducting at this time?

Most of our searches are of high confidentiality and therefore are not listed. In order to be considered you can send your CV and a message containing your next steps objectives to Romania@kmtrust.com  so we will be able to contact you when one of our searches matches your profile and expectations.

If I send you my CV, who will have access to it?

We treat very seriously the confidentiality of your information.
Nobody else except our consultants performing searches will have access to your resume and to your personal information. External persons do not have access to working areas where resumes and other sensitive documents might be used by our people.
We will request your consent before divulging any of your information outside our firm.

How can I keep you informed about my professional path/evolution?

We encourage you to send us updates on Romania@kmtrust.com or directly to the consultant you kept the relationship with, whenever changing jobs.

How and where will you organize our meetings?

In order to protect your privacy we will try to organize most of the meetings/interviews in our offices, located on purpose in more isolated areas.

Can you find a job for me?

As executive search consultants we are exclusively hired by companies/institutions.
The straight forward but honest answer is that Executive Search firms do not work for individuals. Just imagine the resources needed to find jobs for hundreds or thousands of people that request this.
However, you can send us your CV and a message underlining the desired role, environment, sector, geographies and so our consultants can find you if we conduct a search for a candidate with your professional profile.

What are the risks when using an executive recruiter, as employer?

The most important are:

  1. The risk of receiving a shortlist of candidates  far away from your expectations. To minimize this risk it is important you invest sufficient time with the recruiter for the consultants to understand well the context, the objectives, the role, the culture, etc. The less info is provided and the less time is invested, the higher the chance of mismatch of shortlists vs expectations.
  2. The risk of hiring a candidate that leaves an excellent impression during interviews, has excellent references but does not perform into your specific environment; To minimize this risk it is important the consultant is well rounded in assessing the culture and context fit. Please invest time into accommodating the consultants with the company culture, context and key stakeholders. You may contract an after placement assistance from the recruiter for  higher chances of integration of the future hire.