”Helping companies live their values while having a memorable positive impact in the lives of the people we work with”.


K.M.Trust & Partners Executive Leadership was founded in 2006 as a boutique executive search & leadership consulting firm with the business lines gravitating around hire-retain-develop premium services*:

  • Executive Recruitment
  • Customized Retention Consulting
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Executive Coaching
  • Open Executive Education in co-delivery with renown top business & medical schools faculty around stakeholder value leadership, calm, clarity & character.
  • Leadership Advisory

In 2007, our firm became shareholder in IIC Partners - one of the world’s 10 global retained executive search and leadership consulting organizations with over 40 offices globally. This partnership ensures that our firm can draw on global skills and expertise for engagements that call for international solutions. In 2021 due to its new strategy, K.M.Trust decided to exit IIC Partners.

In 2009 following increased clients’ demand, K.M.Trust & Partners founded a separate entity, Key to Success (Key2Success or K2S) to handle similar services as the mother company yet for mid managerial level and for key specialists.

* All our services are adapted for both offline and online.

Our mission has 2 parts:

The 2nd part of it is lived by the way we understand to do our work and is being expressed in each service we have and in the way we treat our stakeholders.

The 1st part of our mission is addressing the long term. We are deeply involved in supporting an education NGO - AVE Romania - to introduce SEL (Social Emotional Learning) in schools and thus contribute to a kinder, more compassionate and more responsible society.

Our Partners and Associate Partners are deeply involved in each assignment to make sure our mission is lived in every moment of our clients’ experience with us.

Our Core Values & Principles

  • Client Satisfaction Focus

    We are building open and honest relationships with our clients to help us provide outstanding services and client satisfaction. We treat your challenges as ours and are fully committed.

  • Responsibility And Accountability

    We acknowledge the importance of our work and its impact in your results therefore we always listen and put all our efforts to understand your business, its purpose, context, culture and objectives. Through our actions we do our best to reach your objectives in an ethical and responsible manner. If we don’t know, we tell.

  • Innovation

    We embrace innovation & continuous improvement. Thus we always try challenge the status quo, adapt to change and find the right solutions for you.

  • Passion

    We love what we do and therefore we do it with the greatest possible dedication. As it is an essential part of our lives, we wish to do it always with pleasure and joy, preserving a good sense of humor and being enjoyable partners, colleagues and friends.

  • Trust

    We are looking to develop long term partnership with all stakeholders. We therefore consider trust as the spine of everything we do. We act loyal towards our esteemed partners and with full commitment to respect confidentiality in our work.

  • Pursue Growth, Learning & Happiness

    We will meet our vision if we grow and learn and have a purpose greater than ourselves, while creating an inspiring environment for our employees.