• Value creation driven leadership


    Placement rate

    Successful placement
    projects versus total
    projects finalized.
    Curent year statistics.


    3 years stick rate

    Percent of candidates
    placed at a company
    and still employed
    by the client company
    in the same,
    similar or elevated



    Minimum 10 hours
    invested for each
    shortlisted candidate.

Our Services

  • Management Assessment & Moral Audit

    A critical aspect in achieving results and addressing any strategy is the quality, suitability and readiness of the human resource to achieve those plans with. Without a proper understanding of the senior management team’s character, capabilities and potential it is difficult to assess whether the objectives are realistic or will ever be achieved.

  • Internal Recruitment Risk Management

    Many companies have started to internalize recruitment during the last years. Inspired from the risk management business together with an increased demand for our involvement at the very end of the recruitment process, determined us to develop this service that comes to confirm or challenge the shortlisted choices after such internal recruitment took place.  

  • Recruitment Training For Executives

    Our high placement and stick rates have generated demand for us to train senior management in fine-tuning their recruitment skills, in understanding how to better assess leadership and values.

  • Customized Services

    In many occasions clients came to us with certain recruitment requirements and while analyzing the reasons behind those needs, both the clients and us discovered some other needs.

  • Key2success

    Our firm for mid management recruitment and assessment.

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proprietary database,
containing more
than 40.000

Candidates in our
local database


We made a strategy
for 2016-2020,
you will not only
be our clients
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Founding Partners
involved deeply in
each assignment.
From initial consulting
to selection of
the shortlist.

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